Year 2 - 2021

In this instalment of LILY ROSE HISTORY, we bring to you our second year of existence, in which our motto clearly was 'BIGGER IS BETTER.' 

The Busy Bag

As a luxury brand that aims to combine style & functionality, our founder, a busy mom and entrepreneur, felt the need to create an ULTRA LARGE lifestyle bag. Thus, The Busy Bag was born, with a large, lined central compartment, two mesh bottle holders, canvas handles, and a detachable, adjustable strap. Each Busy Bag comes with a dust cover bag and a transparent lotions and potions bag to keep necessities clean when adventuring. Made with our signature Neoprene material, this bag is designed to be a stylish family go to that stands the test of time. 

The Busy Bag quickly became a popular choice among our customers due to its size & versatility. We have seen it being used as a nappy bag for parents with multiple children, a beach bag, gym bag and as luggage for international travel - making it the perfect accessory for people with busy lifestyles & much to carry. 

Three New Prints


A luxurious leopard print with neon yellow canvas handles; for the confident, sexy, wild & powerful.


2. Survival

A grey camouflage print with pink and orange canvas handles; inspired by the strong, resilient women who navigate the challenges of modern life with grace and determination. The bold orange and pink handles add a touch of femininity making it the perfect choice for balancing strength and beauty.


3. Mystical

A black rose print with turquoise canvas handles. This print is for the woman who embraces her inner goddess and isn't afraid to show it - the perfect choice for the woman who wants to feel both fierce and feminine.



Thank you for being a part of The Lily Rose Collection's journey thus far! Here's to many more years of Luxury South African Neoprene Bags that help our buyers feel confident and stylish when taking on the challenges and adventures of modern life.

Lily Rose xx


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