The birth of a new brand is always an exciting event, especially when it comes to fashion and the story behind The Lily Rose Collection is no exception. This brand is the brainchild of a South African entrepreneur who wanted to create a local, luxury bag that can cater to the needs of modern, fashion-loving women, with the inspiration behind the brand's name being the founder's two daughters, Lily and Rose.

Material of Choice: Neoprene

Our founder did extensive research on materials and finally decided to use neoprene (Diving Suit Material) for its versatility, durability, insulation, and machine-washable properties. This material is perfect for creating a modern, luxury bag that is practical, stylish and sustainable.

The Bag of Plenty

As a successful businesswoman herself, our founder understood the importance of creating a bag that not only looks beautiful, but can also handle the demands of modern women who juggle between work, family, fun, and travel. 

Thus she designed our first bag, The Bag of Plenty. This bag was created to be versatile and functional, so it can serve as a nappy bag, laptop bag, and overnight or travel bag. With The Bag of Plenty, modern women can carry everything they need in style and convenience.

A Floral Collection

One of the advantages of using neoprene is that it can be printed with virtually anything, making it an ideal material for our brand's designs.

In line with our brand name, it was decided to launch our first print collection as a range of exquisite floral prints. Our founder worked closely with local florists from Cape Town, who created bouquets of locally grown blooms, which were photographed to create prints that represent the unique qualities of women.

Our floral collection is a celebration of diversity and uniqueness, much like the women who wear our bags. We believe that every woman is unique and deserves to have a bag that reflects her personality. Our range has a print for every woman, from bold and adventurous to elegant and sophisticated, and everything in between. Our floral collection is more than just prints; it's a message of empowerment and strength. We believe in encouraging women to be themselves and celebrate their femininity, and our floral collection is one way we do this.


View our first collection below:

1. Abundance

Tulips, Cymbidiums, Dahlias and Roses in a colour palette of corals, yellows, oranges and purples – you are surrounded by so much beauty. You give so much and deserve so much in return.


2. Botanical (Originally Tranquility)

Refreshing and crisp contrasts of green and white. Women have the ability to cleanse and create calm in any situation. This pattern is detailed with Lilies, Roses, Hydrangeas, Dahlias and Tulips.


3. Desire

In every person there is (although sometimes denied) a burning desire to do something and experience something more in life. The Black Roses represent hidden thoughts and hidden feelings, whilst Fuschia Pink reminds one to be true to one’s heart.


4. Passion

Romantic Antique Roses in hues of reds and pinks. A reminder of the romance and desire women should feel every day.


5. Stability

Bringing together classic Roses and Hydrangeas with modern bursts of Tulips and Delphiniums, the perfect balance is created.


6. Tenderness

Oversized purple Hydrangea petals with undertones of indigo portray the incredible strength, and compassion, of a woman.



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