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Here at The Lily Rose Collection, we are all about living life passionately & overflowing with LOVE! 

Valentines Day is coming up, so we decide to curate a list of date ideas to help you plan a unique & special date for just you and your loved one.

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- Book a romantic meal at a fine dining restaurant - standard classic, for a reason! Otherwise book a private dinner in a secluded location of your choice, from beach to bushveld South Africa will make your hearts swoon
- Book a couple's spa day or holiday 
- Book a private tour, be it of city streets, wine fams or tourist attractions 
- Fly through the skies together in a helicopter, airplane or hot air balloon
- Book out a yacht for a date on the water, better yet, spend the night on board
- Book out a movie theater for just you and your loved one, or set up a movie theater  in your lounge or garden for something more homey
- Book a luxury getaway. Get spa treatments, swim, go on game drives, feast and adore each other - make sure they know to make your stay romantic!
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Lily Rose Collectin Vibrance Illusion Cross Body Bag. Cute & Cosy Date Ideas with a happy couple playing with paint.


- Book a painting class together, better yet a Sip and Paint event
- Visit an arcade or theme park for a day of exciting games and rides, hopefully someone wins a teddy! 
- Have a romantic picnic together, can be in a park, on the beach, in your garden or living room
- Go out for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner; from charming coffee shops to romantic restaurants there are so many gems to discover
- Have a movie night in and lay out a romantic snack board to share
- Stroll through an art gallery, or hop through a few
- Serve your loved one a meal from the heart, or have fun in the kitchen cooking a meal together
Turn your home into a spa, light up some candles, burn some incense or essential oils, play some calming music and give each other massages
- Cuddle up on some blankets & pillows outside to gaze up at the stars together
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Lily Rose Collection Mystical Busy Bag. Outdoor date Ideas with a couple jumping off a cliff into the ocean.


- Go cycling together; South Africa's top promenades have bicycle rental shops so you can enjoy our long, sunny coast lines to the full
- If you love speed, take a ride in a sports car, road trip on motorbikes or ramp across sand dunes on quads
- Have a fun day of water sports, go boating, wakeboarding or jet-skiing 
- Go on a horse trail together, we would highly recommend a safari trail among South Africa's wildlife
- For the adrenaline lovers; go bunjee jumping, hang gliding or sky diving
- Spend a day at the beach, play games, swim together, snorkel & surf 
- For the calm nature lovers, find a park to relax or walk through
- Stroll through a market, try new meals and find each other gifts
- Go hiking; from week long challenges to short, serene hikes, there is a level for everyone! We would recommend hikes with waterfalls, rivers, caves & beautiful views - all of which are abundant across South Africa

 - Do volunteer charity work together, let your love for each other abundantly overflow onto those around you


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South African Tourism Ideas. Lily Rose Collection Botanical Bag of Plenty


- Book a day or stay at your nearest lodge; South Africa is a Pandora's Box of lodges; from rustic to 5-star there is something for everyone

- Go cage diving with whales, dolphins or great white sharks, or book a boat trip to see our marine wildlife along the coast

- Go wine tasting, better yet go on a tour or hop on the famous Hop On Hop Off Wine Tram in Cape Town

- Book a safari game drive, preferably with a romantic date in the bush

- Experience some of South Africa's top tourist attractions:

  • - Kruger National Park
  • Kalahari Transfrontier Park
  • Addo Elephant National Park
  • Sabi Sands
  • Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve
  • The Cradle of Humankind
  • The Magaliesburg
  • Table Mountain
  • Lion's Head
  • Boulders Penguin Colony
  • National Museums & Parks
  • uShaka Marine World
  • Two Ocean's Aquarium
  • Gold Reef City
  • Sun City
  • Wineries
  • The Drakensberg
  • Durban's Golden Mile
  • Botanical Gardens

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Our Stylin' Bag and Purse Sets are a proud celebration of South Africa's natural diversity and world class offerings.

Set off in style, and don't forget to spread the love!

Lily Rose xx