Born in South Africa

Birthed in 2020, The Lily Rose Collection was created to allow high-end fashion-savvy women to easily switch between casual weekend style and glam working executive mode. 

All for Women

The Lily Rose Collection was founded by women as a side hustle, who believe that you need more than one income stream and that you can use  your creativity to remain independent. The brand has become synonymous with luxury quality and has turned into a global brand.


Crafted for busy women who value practicality and convenience,  The bags are washing machine-friendly , durable yet lightweight and with just the right amount of stretch to fit in that little something extra – because you can never have enough space ! 

Vegan Friendly

Because we understand that the world is changing and we are forward thinking , our products are 100% Vegan friendly bags. They are Cruelty-Free and Sustainably and ethically sourced and produced. Our neoprene bags  are also plastic- and latex (a common allergen) free.


With limited signature and exclusively styled and floral prints , it’s apt that the brand name is The Lily Rose Collection. With lilies representing devotion to oneself, family or career, and roses known to signify love and passion, who better to turn to for a statement piece to carry all your daily items?


The fabric used in the Lily Rose Collection is NEOPRENE. This is what wet suits are made from. It is also a hardworking material offering no-snag protective cushioning that’s also weather, water and heat-resistant so it will wear well and last you a lifetime.  


It can also keep your water bottle warm or cool for ages because of its built-in insulation.

Made with Love 

We believe in supporting communities around us by empowering women with skills and employment .