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The Water Bottle Holder Bag

The Water Bottle Holder Bag

R 699.00
Revolutionize Hydration with the Neoprene Water Bottle Holder! Quench your thirst for style and functionality with our funky Neoprene Water Bottle Holder—an accessory that makes hydration effortlessly cool. Hydration Elevated...
Illusion Crossover Bag

Illusion Crossover Bag

R 670.00
Carry Your Style: The Illusion Crossover Bag This little number is perfect to grab and go, dress up and down ! Uniquely Yours: Striking prints that draw attention, amplifies your...
Gift Voucher - LilyRoseCollection

Gift Voucher

R 500.00R 2,500.00
Give the Gift of Choice ! Give a Gift Voucher ! With so many events and reasons to give people gifts, make sure that you give them a gift card to...
Color_Orange and Navy Paisley Flourish

Jet Set Large Circa (bags sold individually not as a set)

R 450.00
Large Neoprene Jet-Set Multipurpose Bag: Your Ultimate Style Statement Embrace versatility and elegance with the Large Neoprene Jet-Set Multipurpose Bag—a blend of functionality and fashion, celebrating the individuality that makes...
Color_Red and Pink Roses Passion

Jet Set Medium Circa (bags sold individually not as a set)

R 350.00
Medium Neoprene Jet-Set Multipurpose Bag: Your All-in-One Style Companion Experience versatility at its finest with the Medium Neoprene Jet-Set Multipurpose Bag—a testament to multifunctional elegance celebrating individuality and functionality in...
Jet Set Small Bag Circa (bags sold individually not as a set)

Jet Set Small Bag Circa (bags sold individually not as a set)

R 250.00
Jet-Set Multipurpose Bags: Unleashing Your Versatile Style Transform the way you carry essentials with the Small Neoprene Jet-Set Multipurpose Bags. This collection of three multi-sized, multi-functional bags embodies uniqueness and...
Adventure Backpack Bag

Adventure Backpack Bag

R 2,100.00
Unveiling the Neoprene Adventure Backpack: Your Stylish Daily Companion! Discover the ultimate backpack designed for the rhythm of your daily life! Inspired by those cozy coffee shop gatherings, this Neoprene...
Discover a fusion of fashion and ethics with The Lily Rose Collection Vegan Bags. These bags aren’t just accessories; they're a statement of compassionate style. Crafted with cruelty-free materials, these bags redefine elegance while staying true to ethical values. From chic totes to sleek crossbody bags, each piece in this collection reflects a commitment to sustainability without compromising on style. Embrace your fashion-forward choices while contributing to a more mindful and eco-conscious world with these beautifully designed vegan bags.