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2024 Latest Designs Sassy Bag Strap with Silver Clip

2024 Latest Designs Sassy Bag Strap with Silver Clip

R 350.00
Enhance Your Style with Lily Rose's 2024 Sassy Bag Strap Collection Introducing our latest 2024 Sassy Bag Strap with Silver Clip- an extension to our original range of Sassy Bag...
Sassy Bag Strap

Sassy Bag Strap

R 350.00
Elevate Your Bag Game with the Lily Rose Sassy Bag Strap! Add a burst of color and a dash of style to your bags with the Lily Rose Sassy Bag...


Introducing The Sassy Bag Straps, essential accessories for fashion-forward individuals eager to inject vibrancy and flair into their cherished bags or pair them seamlessly with our Lily Rose Collection Range of Bags. 

Our Sassy Bag Straps epitomize a fusion of fun, sophistication, and versatility, ideal for any occasion. Available in captivating colors and designs, these straps promise to compliment your  handbag.

Crafted from premium materials, our Sassy Bag Straps guarantee durability and longevity, equipped with SILVER hardware and clips to effortlessly match our handbag hardware. 

With a broad selection of over 50 straps made up of our  ORIGINAL and NEW 2024 designs, you can effortlessly transform your bag to match any outfit.  Whether utilized as a bag strap, guitar strap, camera strap, or any other creative purpose, these versatile accessories empower you to make a bold statement.

Elevate your favorite bag effortlessly with The Lily Rose Collection's Sassy Bag Straps today.  Infuse your bag with personality and style now!


  • Adjustable
  • 5cm Width
  • Silver Hardware